Origami ball how to

Take one of your units, Color 1.

origami ball how to

Firehawk11 2 years ago. Now flip the paper over and make a valley fold along the diagonal line as shown, crease well and unfold paper. Connect these. I am trying to make this origami flower and the 2nd part to the directions is not showing up. A square Not quite! First unfold the balloon partially, then below gently into the hole at one end.

You can have good reinforcement when you joined 2 adhesives together: The creases should make an "X" in the paper. Try again... It should fold into the waterbomb naturally.

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origami ball how to

Finally expand the balloon as shown below. If you can't get it to work, then you may need to try thicker paper.

Flower Origami Ball

For a video explanation at five minutes. If you're struggling to open a fold, a sharp pencil might just help you through it, without doing damage to the paper! However my question is when i glued them all together to form a ball i had a hard time gluing them together since one by one the petal would come off. Repeat this on the other side. Tape or hot glue one end of the string to the top of the balloon. Here's a pic to show you my finished product! Not Helpful 20 Helpful 51.

How to make an Origami Ball

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How to Make a Mini MAGIC BALL (Dragon's Egg) - Easiest Method

Thanks, wikiHow, very, very, very much. Repeat step 6 except for the other side.

origami ball how to

Make sure you don't connect any too early, or else you will have a random cube in the middle. There is no preference, just choose something you can fold.