People who were rich now broke

However, he didn't have to sell his Florida estate due to loopholes in the law while he was paying off the debt. Jackson's money problems got worse once he was involved in numerous expensive lawsuits.

10 Rich People Who Went Broke!

Mayweather has never lost a match in the boxing ring, earning the nickname " Money. In 2013, he was half way through settling the debt , and started to make a comeback with a debut solo album "You and Me. From musicians to athletes to movie stars, sometimes fame and wealth results in a disastrous spending spree.

people who were rich now broke

Plenty of celebrities have found this out the hard way. Because every time we'd get one case dismissed, they'd throw another one at me. We used our own research as well as data from Gocompare. This comment has been flagged. Then he won the world heavyweight title — the oldest fighter ever to do so at the time. Alec's younger brother filed for bankruptcy in 2009 while owing money on taxes and a couple of mortgages.

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Rich Gone Broke: 14 Celebrities Who Went Bankrupt

Rather, I hired people who were supposed to be top-notch. Pin 29K. Meat Loaf has also had several health problems, including being diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.

people who were rich now broke

Coleman blamed his parents for looting his trust fund and making off with much of his fortune. In his post-playing days, Schilling created a video-game studio to make one of his hobbies into a business.

Actress Anna Nicole Smith was famously married to 90-year-old J. Several more of his casinos and hotels went bankrupt in 1992.

people who were rich now broke

The charges were dropped, but his professional reputation was in tatters. Gaye was making a comeback with his record "Sexual Healing" in 1984, but he was sadly shot and killed by his father after a heated argument a day before his 45th birthday. Allen Iverson.