What is a stroked 454

Eagle says that the process adds strength to the parts and increases bearing life. Quote message in reply?

what is a stroked 454

They can even send it to you balanced and ready to drop into place. Sounds damn cool ss. It's that push your eyeballs back into their sockets and wear a stupid grin on your face kind of deal.

what is a stroked 454

Proper fitting of the rings is critical in regards to making power and controlling where the oil goes. With new dowels in place, Andy carefully put on the Patriot heads. In order to be able to post messages on the Hot Rod Forum: After stripping off all of the old parts we start bolting on performance goodies from Baer, QA1, Currie, and Unisteer.

what is a stroked 454

I don't know how it is in Denmark, but here in Cali, 502's aren't just lying around. The ceramic coating is for more than just looks. Password Please enter a password for your user account. Close X.

454 bored and stroked to 496 vs. stock 502

Cali Baby! It's a cast crank and hypereutectic pistons. Once this was done he went about file fitting all the various rings to the cylinders. Mark Forums Read.

Our project 1963 Chevy II is coming together in our TEN Tech Center, and is going to combine the latest handling tech with high-tech boosted horsepower. I want to build one for my next project, but thought there might be something wrong with the set-up that made it not too reliable or something.

what is a stroked 454

For a strip car that spends tons of time in the upper rpm a single plane intake is the way to go. Assuming the same induction, heads, and valve-train.

496 Chevy Big Block Build - Pump Gas Stump Puller

Project Cars. This reduces pumping loss and the result is more power and torque. With the main bearings in place, and liberally lubed up, Andy could then set the stroker crank in place.

what is a stroked 454

Or If you have a buyer for the 454's the choice is yours....