What is happening inside a black hole

What Happens Inside a Black Hole?

What are black holes? Think of the black hole like a hole at the bottom of a steeply sloping valley: These massive black, ever hungry, forever collapsing parts of space are more of a final stop than a route to somewhere where even light ends its days.

You can also attempt to observe the black hole's Hawking's Radiation.

what is happening inside a black hole

When you fall into a black hole or simply get very close to the event horizon, its size and scale appear much larger than the actual size. These are some of the common questions people have when thinking or talking about the great devourers of the Universe. This is the point at which the gravitational force precisely overcomes light's ability to escape the black hole's pull.

what is happening inside a black hole

But their pattern is strangely distorted, as the light from distant stars gets bent by the black hole's gravity. Would the lights stay on, or would the Universe go dark? He was also able to extend the Schwarzschild solution for the future of observers falling into a black hole.

What Would You See As You Fell Into A Black Hole?

Your feet feel a stronger gravitational pull than your head, because they are closer to the black hole. It is known that the matter that falls into, and never leaves, these curious objects is no different from everything outside of them but that's about as precise as we can really be.

what is happening inside a black hole

Black holes are naught but mass so if two of equal mass were to collide the result would be one new double-sized black hole. Stars can also be deflected from their 'normal' motion if they pass near a black hole or, of course, can be torn apart.

What’s Inside a Black Hole?

When you fall into a black hole, resistance really is futile. As you fall toward the black hole, you move faster and faster, accelerated by its gravity. Just what the physics is like at this point in the black hole no-one can say for sure.

what is happening inside a black hole

The gradient even appears to go downhill towards the singularity directly behind you, in the direction that you knew is completely opposite to the singularity! Although we can't be entirely sure what's going on beyond the event horizon most physicists agree that you'd go absolutely nowhere. This will likely ring the death knell for many stars, and their child planets. Rather, to find or detect them requires a bit of lateral thinking.

At this distance, these black holes will have no discernable effect on our planet or its environment.