What is meant by angular momentum

Get Ready for a Schooling in Angular Momentum

If torque is equal to zero, if there's no net torque going on here, if the magnitude of torque is equal to zero, then we will have no change. Yes, this is a numerical calculation. It's almost always the last topic in the first semester of introductory physics—angular momentum.

Angular momentum calculations.

what is meant by angular momentum

It is quite simple to model the motion of the objects just using the momentum principle and forces which is how I made the python model you see.

Contact our editors with your feedback. Submit Feedback. Spinning tops and gyroscopes rigid bodies In mechanics: This means the angular momentum vector is pointing in a direction that would appear to be into the screen from your view.

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angular momentum

Angular momentum is a vector quantity, requiring the specification of both a magnitude and a direction for its complete description.

Article Media. Rotation about a moving axis Saturnian satellites In Saturn: Let me just make a plot of the total momentum as a function of time for this spring-ball system.

When we see stuff like these rotating spring-balls, we think about what is conserved—what doesn't change.

Angular momentum

Clearly, this is not conserved. So mass times, I'm just substituting for velocity here, times omega r, times r. The direction of the angular-momentum vector is that of the axis of rotation of the given object and is designated as positive in the direction that a right-hand screw would advance if turned similarly. And that momentum, and we use the Greek letter rho to represent momentum.

what is meant by angular momentum

In the end, angular momentum is something that is conserved for situations that have no external torque like these spring balls. You might think, "Well maybe there's a similar idea "of how hard is it for something, "or how hard is it to stop rotating something?

Learn More about angular momentum. The awkward case of 'his or her'. And this is the idea that you can, by changing your radius, you could actually change your tangential velocity. I've used this concept to describe everything from fidget spinners to standing double back flips to the movement of strange interstellar asteroids.

what is meant by angular momentum

Any one of these can be shifted from one body or system of bodies to another. Megan Molteni Megan Molteni. I don't know—just use your imagination. More science.

what is meant by angular momentum