What is the comparative form of quickly

Quicker or More Quickly? (Grammar Lesson)

She types the fastest out of all the secretaries. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. They do not make the comparative or superlative the same way that other ones do. When comparing with than , however, some changes are necessary, depending on the number of syllables the adjective has:.

what is the comparative form of quickly

John ran fast, but Jim ran faster. If the comparison is between three or more things then the superlative form must be used. A quality shared in the same amount means that the two things are equal is some way.

what is the comparative form of quickly

Who ran most slowest. Further reading.

what is the comparative form of quickly

An adjective or adverb is made into the comparative form in one of two ways. There are three kinds of possible comparisons: Do a quiz on the comparative superlative.

comparative of "quickly" and "early"

Home Grammar Word classes Adverbs Comparative and superlative adverbs. Early , in spite of the "-ly" ending, isn't normally adverb; it's an adjective, and you can form the comparative by adding "-er" and changing the "y" to an "i": Forming comparative and superlative adverbs There are three ways in which the comparative and superlative of adverbs are formed, depending on the spelling of the base adverb: Quicker is the comparative of quick , which is an adjective; more quickly is the comparative of quickly , which is an adverb.

Only since the 1970s has more quickly overtaken quicker. Table of contents.

Comparing things with AS - English grammar class

When I read that first sample sentence, it sounds awkward to me. It's or Its? The English that is spoken in Canada is close to that of the United States. However, throughout most of the 19th and 20th centuries, quicker was far more common than more quickly.

what is the comparative form of quickly

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what is the comparative form of quickly

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