What people wore in the 60s images

But actually, lost in the two extremes is the mid-60s, which I think actually had the coolest style, albeit more subtle. Elongation was accomplished by extended skirts, long, straight-cut pants or, if she had long legs herself, they were accentuated by sheer dark tights. Michael Rich. Another fad caught on in the dressing gown space.

1960s Fashion: What Did Women Wear?

Twiggy in suede knee-high red boots, a matching fringe halter top and mini skirt while boarding a plane in London. Sleek and slender 2. The early sixties were more reminiscent of the 1950s — conservative and restrained; certainly more classic in style and design. I love the long, slender shapes, the bright colors and the young, London look.

1960s Cool Clothes

Match your dress with colorful patterned tights. They all have roots in the sixties. Suit colors were lighter and brighter.

what people wore in the 60s images

A model in a side-pony held by a white flower clip, a scalloped bordered suit, white gloves and matching heels. Plaids of all sizes and colors were heavily favored.

Trousers were often uncuffed. Women had to find a new 1960s fashion idol to be inspired by. Birkenstock sandals became icons of the hippies. Opt for slim-fit pants with a lower waistline in a dark color. We are here to help you find clothing online and learn about vintage fashions as worn by everyday people, just like you.

1960s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures & History

The graveyard look was in. Most 60ssandals were made of shiny plastics, bright colors, thin straps with squat flat heels. C Penney fabric at 99 cents a yard.

what people wore in the 60s images

The notorious mini skirt was made in any of these classic styles but now came up to mid thigh! Evenings turbans of tulle swirled loosely around the head not only gained high fashion acceptance, but were sold in every hat shop. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 11.

In Photos: The Best of 1960s Fashion

They were worn with socks or with stockings a shade or two darker than natural skin, which made them appear even whiter. Pajamas by Donald Brook. There was a confusion over whether they were an insult to femininity or empowerment for women and that it disrespected men.

Gaucho pants, meditation shirts and, especially, vests. They were too short. Vintage Poor Boy Sweater Ad.

what people wore in the 60s images