What to do during your honeymoon

Staying too late in hotels is awkward for the hospitality staff responsible for tidying up your space.

Things You Should Do During Your Honeymoon

Your flight attendants, hotel workers, and waitresses will be glad you did. There are plenty of fun things you and your new spouse can do where you won't get lost.

what to do during your honeymoon

Wherever this money is coming from, just make sure you're being realistic. Smiling too much at the service people and strangers with whom they interact can make honeymooners seem insincere, flirtatious, or completely insane. Florence in Italy, Carmel in California, St.

10 Romantic Things Every Couple Must Do On Their Honeymoon

You can still have a great time with your sweetheart without bothering anyone else! Talk to our travel experts today. Have you ever watched somebody try to sit politely at a patio table while wearing less than one square foot of fabric? But you'd be wrong. Part of the appeal of a honeymoon is that you get to spend time almost exclusively with your significant other for days on end. Here are 21 awkward things to avoid if you want to enjoy your own honeymoon without offending or embarrassing the people around you.

And since you all loved the wedding gown drawing Paul's friend did about features on wedding dresses that confuse guys, here's another one of his masterpieces about what he doesn't want on a honeymoon.

what to do during your honeymoon

Via YouTube. Couples who like adventure are usually drawn to explore European cities, like Paris or Rome.

What Guys Want (and Don't Want) on Their Honeymoons

Another big question people forget to ask is about the ocean water at their resort: Image Source. But if separating the two events is important, Brown recommends island hopping, especially in the Caribbean. Meyer says the first thing to do is figure out where the money for your trip is coming from.

what to do during your honeymoon

So are we! One idea Brown recommends is a secret room upgrade.

what to do during your honeymoon