Whats wrong with nbc on directv

Internet fine, blazing speed.

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I have had an ongoing issue since day one of my install. Why does my TV say keeps blanking out and saying connecting??? Your patience has a direct impact on your bill, and so while every dispute is often resolved quite quickly, we appreciate your support as we fight by your side.

whats wrong with nbc on directv

Viacom pulled the same channels from mid-sized cable operator Cable One, which has since abandoned them, and tried to stop DIRECTV customers from getting its shows on television and also online for over a week in summer 2012.

I sometimes watch Direct TV at work on my computer and right now I only get audio sound no video but videos elsewhere I can play. The battle between CBS and TWC left customers fuming on both sides and got so rancorous Congressional Democrats and Republicans each introduced legislation to try to end future blackouts once and for all. I will also post when I try this and let people know if it helps.

Why This Happens

Dennis sandberg. Wendy McGinnis. Is DirecTV having an outage? Loss of signal in Columbus Ohio. The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Austin and Pflugerville. David Howard. Received 19 reports, originating from Seattle, Taylor, Centerville, Cromwell, Bainbridge and 5 more cities.

Angry loyal customer since 2012.

whats wrong with nbc on directv

Lauren Pursley. I have directv thru att. More error codes may pop up in the future and when they do you can list and discus them with the DircTV community below.

whats wrong with nbc on directv

No service Seattle today no signal no sevice December 12th.