When ahsoka turns to the dark side

After Anakin refused, they enraged to a battle. Soon Obi-wan joins the fight and suggest to cut her free from the Son by using the Altar, enraged Dark Ahsoka asked Obi-wan where did he that and to give to her. The trailer seems to indicate that he still didn't fully understand why she had to make that choice.

Dark Ahsoka

Episode III" is the reason why Anakin makes the turn to become Darth Vader, which from a story perspective means that the viewer needs all the information necessary to understand and accept that choice.

She was brought the prison of the Son's tower and discovered she was not alone, a strange creature told her, she was left to die and that she was forgotten.

when ahsoka turns to the dark side

Taken captive by Trandoshans to be hunted for sport, she successfully led a revolt, her inventiveness and rebellious attitude clearly coming from the influence of Anakin Skywalker. Over the course of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka experienced many ups and downs, heartbreaks, and triumphs. The fight was soon interrupted by the Father who force pushed his children out the window.

when ahsoka turns to the dark side

It's entirely possible that Ahsoka will ultimately decide that the Jedi Order is the best place for her—faults and all—but she may well find it easier to hold to her values and serve the galaxy without the Jedi. Christian Blauvelt. Share Tweet. Anakin, still bound by his loyalty to the Jedi, decides to warn the council. This quote in a conversation between him and Padme:. We understand the Force works in mysterious ways, and because of this trial, you have become a greater Jedi than you would have become otherwise.

5 of the Most Important Anakin and Ahsoka Moments

FuzzyBoots 92. All of this on top of the situation at hand, with Palpatine "calling for mercy" and Mace not having any of it. Sure enough, Anakin confronts Barriss and finds she is hiding Ventress' lightsabers in her quarters. We still have another infuriating scene with the infuriating Jedi Council.

Anakin leaves to seek out Ventress and get to the bottom of this mess, while Ahsoka laments that, save for Anakin, all the Jedi have abandoned her. Mace Windu tells her, "This was actually your great trial.

when ahsoka turns to the dark side