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Visual inspection of the product is enough to identify a problem with the process. The material used also should be non-corrosive. Paper clips are generally made from galvanized steel wire. It is simple, elegant, and surpassingly functional.

The History of the Paperclip

The Gem paperclip was never patented. Then ribbon or string could be threaded through the slits, the ends tied and often sealed with wax. The term has come to stand for the iconic shape of the oval-within-oval design. William Middlebrook, of Waterbury, Connecticut, patented a machine for making paper clips of the Gem design in 1899. Moreover, the process has not changed much since the 1930s.

who invented the paper clip wikipedia

A Norwegian, John Vaaler, is often credited with inventing the paper clip in 1899. Straight pins were designed to be used in sewing and tailoring, to temporally fasten cloth together.

The technology for manufacturing paper clips evolved in the early years of the twentieth century, and has remained virtually unchanged since the 1930s. Addison-Wesley, 1992. If the paper clip was attached, it showed that they would work for the new occupying powers and would not be held to trial. Yet the material must also perform well in the manufacturing process, not leaving sharp burrs at the cut ends and resisting cracking or breaking.

who invented the paper clip wikipedia

People have been re-inventing the paperclip over and over again. The magnet strength can be checked by running a paper clip along the top edge of the screen. Type the code shown: Some office paper recyclers ask that paper clips be removed before paper is put in recycling bins. In 1835, a New York physician named John Ireland Howe invented a machine for mass producing straight pins.

who invented the paper clip wikipedia

He received an American patent in 1901. Send comment. The simple threading of a paper clip machine.

who invented the paper clip wikipedia

The finished appearance of the clip is also a design consideration. Cambridge Dictionary.