Who is holden landrys dad

Troy Landry and Nephew Holden of Swamp People

I will check back in some other time to see if it was just down for a short amount of time. It is amazing that a 750 pound gator is not long enough to enter into the competition. With the maximum record number of 82 rapped alligators in 24 hours; Troy Landry continues to be the bold heartthrob reality star. Their accents are real although they are very funny. Heck, he even pull the gator in the boat before it was dead.

Troy Landry – Family, Family Tree

Just as with his social media presence, one might not expect an individual with such a wild profession to have settled down and started a family. As you can imagine there was a little bit of twang to the way she said it. Everyone of them are sweet, polite, and just all around wonderful people.

who is holden landrys dad

Sometimes, however, the personal lives of reality stars are just as one would expect. I have no idea how these guys figure out what types of bait work best. The couple are believed to have been saving towards the making of this house for the last 3 decades. Victoria Beckham — Businesswoman.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Chase Landry

Holden came up with the idea to double bait the hooks with rotten cow spleen. I assume this is the Cajun translation for uncle? Troy Landry does have a Twitter where he mentions appearances at places like Gander Mountain.

who is holden landrys dad

There was a mention that Troy Landry had 50 lines out in Grand Bayou but it was not proving to bring in a lot of gators. In late March on spring break we drove through Pierre Part on our way to grand isle and met Holden, and he is a very nice boy.

who is holden landrys dad

How do you know Tom is a Yankee? Here is a little more information: The 100th episode of Swamp People aired on Monday, February 23rd, 2015. I digress.

who is holden landrys dad

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who is holden landrys dad

Here is the season guidelines when it comes to the counties for Alligator season zones:.