Whoz your daddy offshore racing schedule

Who’s Your Daddy? Adventure Race

I like that they race on a circle coarse, not a straight line. Steve, so sorry for not getting your comment approved until just now. I've been seriously talking to small sponsors and really considering stepping towards racing.

Forever in my heart. I can see the value in making the even more affordable and make up for it by having a lot more people enjoy the show. H1 is suffering the same thing that happened to Indy car racing. In 2017 at the marina of Lake Pleasant posted that they were coming to Lake Pleasant in February and tickets were on sale.

whoz your daddy offshore racing schedule

Those boats, the drivers, crew members, owners and sponsors were fun to watch. These are flying boats, make no mistake about it.

2019 Schedule

We are already getting inquiries and starting to confirm the 2019 Racing Schedule. Race Recap: With the lose TV coverage in Seattle it just shows how the sport is slowly going away.

whoz your daddy offshore racing schedule

Citing traffic worries going to the Park as the reason for their actions, we asked what we could change on our traffic plan to ease their worries and they replied "we haven't read your traffic plan". Dana my dad owned buzzard electric quite a find I just accidentally ran into!!

whoz your daddy offshore racing schedule

Results 1 to 20 of 37. With the sponsorship dollars we are also working with Tampa Digital to produce the TV show to air on Fox Sports network.

To me thats just plain un American. Seems that Chrysler Crew was competitive back in the day. Things like Miss Bud becoming more common would be awesome. I had short conversations with Jimmy Shane, J.

Reply Grew up in Seattle by lake Washington and the Hydros was a big part of my life, now that i live in Arizona and u stoped the racing in Lake Havasu, why?

December 09, 2012. Reply You make a good point, Peter.

whoz your daddy offshore racing schedule

Posting Permissions. I wish there was more media coverage. Hopefully someone stepds up because someone had better beat Graham Trucking!