Dapol doctor who youtube channel

dapol doctor who youtube channel

There is some very impressive stuff coming in the new season! I stopped making them in 1995 as I went to pursue my career. I built some very elaborate sets and used my Hi8 camera.

Why the 7th Doctor? Thanks for turning me on to this Newton and fabulous interview. Interview with Dapol Doctor Who Part 1.

dapol doctor who youtube channel

In those days of course, I needed to use tape to record the voices with my friend Glen Kilpatrick and I made a lot of stories so a lot of the audio is clunky but the stories are pretty solid.

In the very very early days I made maybe, 5 stories.

dapol doctor who youtube channel

What I have done, not just with the Doctor but with the stories is try to make them as exciting and as entertaining as possible. With Ace I tried to write her as a bit sarcastic, very determined and a little less obsessed with blowing things up. The voice work is bloody incredible.

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I would generally tell people to watch the first episode the The Time Assassin if they wanted an introduction to the series. Published March 19, 2010 By Newton. Both have great quality.

dapol doctor who youtube channel

I have to start coming here more often, you always unearth the neatest stuff. Sponsorship News: I think you can expect to see more Character Options in the coming series, then again it is called Dapol Doctor Who so I think you can expect to see some of the unused figures that where released in future stories.

Interview with Dapol Doctor Who Part 1

Great story telling and direction. I try and use the voice to the fullest effect I can really, I use the same style of emphasis and urgency he has. I also knew that The Time Assassin was going to lead to a big Dalek story so to link the two together was so much fun. Home Toy Review Archive Contact.

July 25, 2010 at 8: Plus the current series is continuing on the You Tube Channel dapoldoctorwho. Character Options has done some great work in the past couple of years, far surpassing what Dapol did.

Well, initially yes, I did all the CGI for all of the stories.