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How is sound used to study coral reefs? A speeding dirt biker eludes Warden Robertson, but leaves a crucial clue to his whereabouts; two dogs on the loose chase newborn deer; an ATV accident victim has an odd explanation for his crash.

Salt and sugar are both polar, like water, so they dissolve very well in it.

How Water Works

The team builds a Bali-themed enclosure for a blue-tongued skink and gifts the clients an additional enclosure for their crested geckos; Greg surprises long-time client Tonya with a white throat monitor to expand her reptile collection. World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Two sisters in Farmington, Pennsylvania, ask Pete to build a "bear" observation treehouse on their 1000-acre property; Pete creates his first-ever mid-century decagon treehouse with walls of glass windows and even a "bear cam" tracking system.

When water comes into contact with these surfaces, the adhesive forces are stronger than the cohesive forces.

The last-ever episode of MythBusters; prepare to be blown away by the most epic grand finale in television history. Scotty Valens tells her that her DNA matches the evidence; Mac's career is jeopardized when an internal investigation is opened against him.

How is acoustics used to monitor Arctic marine mammals? Painting With Explosives Revisited x Mythbusters: After being rescued from the water, Dustin is forced to look for a new mine site due to the flood, but he soon finds out that the McKinley site may not be a lost cause after all.

Homestead Rescue x Homestead Rescue 9: The surprising thing about 3D printers is that 3D printers are used to make most of the parts.

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Instagram DiscoveryCanada. A dangerous request from the Smith family in a Missouri flood zone forces the Raneys into the homestead challenge of their lives as they build a dam and plan an entire cabin move.

As the amplitude of the sound wave increases, the intensity of the sound increases. Alaska Mega Machines. Study Weather How is sound used to measure rainfall over the ocean? Hearing Loss Tutorial: Painting With Explosives Revisited 3: Water has a very high specific heat capacity , which is the amount of heat per unit mass required to raise its temperature by one degree Celsius.

Mythbusters x Mythbusters 4: The experiment involves something that you can do with soda that will not rot your teeth, unless you decide to drink Diet Coke combined with Mentos candy.

How Things Work: Mentos in Diet Coke

Can it all be completed before the tragedy's ten-year anniversary? Surface tension makes these water drops round so they cover the smallest possible surface area. The Dirt x Gold Rush: Two teams of wardens join forces to bust ATV scofflaws and end up in a dramatic high-speed chase; Rookie warden Kim Bates responds to a strange call: