Dual cs 704 wikihow

Used and the dust has some users scratches.

dust cover dual turntable manual

Search Advanced search. I've noticed an odd characteristic of my EDD900 motor.

dual cs 704 wikihow

The lateral dynamic compliance is the limiting factor for low frequency tracking. Any questions?

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Or R40, which limits the startup current? TG 12a, 1009, 721.

dual cs 704 wikihow

There is a reserve price on this lot. I position a small speaker beneath the stylus, with appropriate spacer material for clearance, and drive it with a variable low-frequency sine wave while watching cartridge output on a voltmeter, lowpass filtered to compensate for the output's frequency dependency. Please note: More information Shipping costs.

dual cs 704 wikihow

The voltmeter must be very sensitive, and shielded against hum, or use a no-compensation preamp. You haven't bid on this lot yet. The 704 was the third direct drive essentially following the 701 and the 721, an improved version of the 701, in that it had the tonearm height adjustment which you also have on the 704.

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The stable version of this hood, it is necessary to re-hinge stand at the back of her disc player. Everything is there and it is ready for daily use. I know it's in German but have a look because there are some good frequency analysis that should be deducible out of their texts: Not everyone has a 203A to measure phase, but any function generator is enough to determine frequency and Q.

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If you decide to pay via bank transfer, your payment may take up to 2 working days to be processed. Thank you for bidding on Catawiki! But that doesn't explain why you can adjust the 704 to run at 78.