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I could have then reflected on the regionally defined structure that determines its collection-base, illuminated the complexities of knowledge orders on the basis of its quite diverse sub-collections and discussed the choices, interpretations and presentations of the objects which feature as its exhibits. Museums translate knowledge orders into space and vice versa. He explores how Marxist theory, i.

12. Max von Oppenheim, ″Half-Jew,″ during the National Socialist Regime

Olearius actively encouraged such an interpretation. Olearius could base his curatorship on a rich reservoir of personal experience. Making an inscription on a vase was not a private matter: When they pass from one dynasty to another they symbolise a translatio imperii which appears to spring as much from their own mo- tion as from the vicissitudes of history. There was protocol to be observed, and insinuating oneself into the favour of sons or siblings could backfire.

Reflections on the European Exotic. The dedication read: Also mentioned is an individual by the name Malete or Matele of un- known origin and gender most likely female.

Objects and Others. I worry that your desire will only bring trouble. This should give us the basis to prove the laws of the physical development of mankind. I will introduce what he saw, and what he acquired, and will set this in the context of the wider networks of owning that existed in the period.

Such winding-sheet as this Nor mould nor all-consuming time shall waste. Museums took on the task of preserving and reproduc- ing these orders: The chart presented shows that the myth of the raven was originally confined to the Tlingit and Tsimshian and […] Haida and may only be found in fragments farther south. Brockhaus, 1931 , p. They existed as the guarantee of an unchangeable order, an equilibrium between heaven and the sovereign.

His essay of 1890 and the Chicago field notes of 1893 point to the contrary, in my opinion.

When I saw the Baron next, the front of his shirt was red and his coat was tail-less. The lack of clues to the sources of the objects in that collection also meant that he himself would for the most part not be able to secure additional information about objects that had been collected by Jacobsen.

This reminds us of the fact that the village of Nuwitti much like many other native communities along the Northwest Coast was actually a product and site of very dramatic socio-cultural changes resulting from European contact since the late 1780s.

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Siedler Verlag, 1987], p. In 1845 this division was taken even further, when the objects were moved to an institution of their own: Once the tomb has been described and the archaeological context properly defined, the analysis required of an an- tiquarian is complete.