Fight tips how to punch needle

If you pull up too far, your loops will be uneven — or even worse, your loops will keep coming out.

fight tips how to punch needle

If your working towards yourself the hole in the needle should be facing away from you. The back side of a finished punch needle project looks more like embroidery, while the front side or right side has loops like a hooked rug. The punch needle.

Punch Needle Embroidery For Beginners

You can easily swap colors to make things personalized. I recently discovered the magical world of punch needle embroidery and my recently I mean I was supposed to write this post in April.

fight tips how to punch needle

Lead with the open side. You are literally going to punch the needle through the fabric until the plastic nose is resting against the fabric.

fight tips how to punch needle

Remove the threader and put it somewhere you absolutely will not lose it. With each stitch, the fabric gets looser, and ends up making the whole process really frustrating. I saw someone say somewhere to get monks cloth.

Punch Needle Embroidery Basics

I can do better with written unstructions. Here are my top ten tips for punch needle success.

fight tips how to punch needle

And if you go… years without picking it up you can jump right back in without missing a beat. Is there anyway these instructions come in book form?


Ready to try Punch Needle embroidery? I always work towards myself, rotating the hoop as I go.

fight tips how to punch needle

Make sure all the edges are captured in the hoop. Start with the outlines. Punch the needle all the way down into the fabric until the wooden part of the handle is just touching the fabric.