Horror movie where dog dies

These are the animal deaths in horror films that shocked and upset us most. Prev post Next post.

horror movie where dog dies

This is one of the most horrific deaths any animal can receive. This is our first mercy killing on this list.

Watching an animal die in a film can be a very painful thing to watch, even for horror fans. There, she sees a horse and tries to pet it.

horror movie where dog dies

He goes to the microwave and sees poor Hootie… or, at least, what was left of Hootie. Rachel Naomi Watts is on a ferry headed to an island. This one was really painful to watch.

I Am Legend (5/10) Movie CLIP - Infected Dogs (2007) HD

As the cat cries out and tries to get out of the acid, Arkin is desperate to keep quiet, so he rips the cat out and tosses him to the nearest window. So, she brings home a cat and asks him to kill it.

THE DOG DIES: Horror Movies That Kill The Pooch

Then an innocent little pigeon sits in top of one of the targets. In Cannibal Holocaust , all of the animal deaths are real. This scene was such a tense moment! Daniel sees an opportunity and shoots the bird. Young Daniel Jimmy Bennett is out shooting paintballs at targets. Horror fans are able to sit through the torture and death of people over and over again.

Of course, Parker knew what that meant. He takes the dog out of the cage and savagely beats him against the wall. It was not only a gut-wrenching scene, it also shows us that Robert is now truly alone. Even though the dog was invisible, his death was still graphic and devastating. Tell us in the comments!

He then gets chopped in half by a falling blade. The curse on Rachel causes the horse to completely freak out and escape. This poor creature was put through hell before its death! When he refuses and tries to convince her to let it go, she decides to drown it herself.

horror movie where dog dies

All Rights Reserved. When he refuses, Esther takes matters into her own hands and smashes the bird with the rock without any hesitation or remorse.

Karli Lawson.

horror movie where dog dies