How do flintlock muskets work lyrics

how do flintlock muskets work lyrics

Azizi Powell April 29, 2016 at 12: The sparks that you see are the hot specks of iron burning! If you strike iron or steel with flint, the flint flakes off tiny particles of iron. Probably from the Spiderbait video.

how do flintlock muskets work lyrics

I think the Ram Jam version also talks about Black Betty having a child, but he swears it ain't his... Collins, Historical Sketches of Kentucky, p. This marked growing evidence of the black presence in the northern, eastern and southern areas of London.

Place a small amount of gunpowder in the flintlock's pan. I always assumed 'Black Betty' was a car, like Christine.

Black Betty…a song from the 1700’s

Whoa, Black Betty! Very cool post!

how do flintlock muskets work lyrics

The end of the cutting blade curves forward to form a hook, which is the bill's distinguishing characteristic. The first record of an African in London was in 1593.

How a Flintlock Works

The band because their name reminds me of "rammer jammer yellowhammer", the song because it explicitly references Birmingham. It was recorded commercially in New York in 1939 for the Musicraft label by Lead Belly, as part of a medley with two other work songs: Anyways, there it is, 5th link in the main post - Spiderbait, made even more hilariously aweful by the inclusion of Seth Green.

No kitchen sink?

how do flintlock muskets work lyrics

Then I saw the vid on Youtube and was pleasantly surprised. Popular explanations of the use of the word "Brown" include that it was a reference to either the colour of the walnut stocks, or to the characteristic brown colour that was produced by russeting, an early form of metal treatment... There were also small numbers of free slaves and seaman from West Africa and South Asia.

How Flintlock Guns Work

The flint needs to move at high speed and strike the steel in such a way that the sparks fall into some gunpowder. After you fire the gun, it is in the uncocked position. Here's an example from Charley Patton's famous Pony Blues: The references to "Black Betty" and "Brown Bess" may be two of the earliest references to Black including mixed race women in England.

how do flintlock muskets work lyrics