How to create editorial calendar

And do the posts need to be approved by someone before going live? The more specific, the better. The whole editorial process may take about three weeks. It also gives you perspective on what deadlines are coming up next and how long you have to meet them.

how to create editorial calendar

What holidays or annual occurrences are important to your audience? Your social media calendar should have some sort of content categorization system. You can also create brand new posts in Planner.

How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Luckily, many magazine editorial calendars can be found online. The following examples are a few of the best. Where should I create my editorial calendar?

how to create editorial calendar

Make sure you cover more than one topic in a month. Will the same person also be responsible for scheduling and publishing the posts? Lead Source Recent: As soon as content is scheduled, you need to create a card for it on Trello. It helps to come in with ideas of what visitors want to learn about, then refining those ideas on your favorite keyword research tool. Most of my content is text-based, but I have a thriving video channel that I keep up-to-date, as well. A consistent posting schedule shows potential followers you are invested in the channel—meaning a follow will be worth their time.

How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing

As mentioned above, creating organization and structure also means less stress for all parties, because everyone can work around stated deadlines — instead of last-minute demands. Maddy Osman creates engaging content with SEO best practices for marketing thought leaders and agencies that have their hands full...

how to create editorial calendar

With the right approach, an editorial calendar can simplify your content marketing process while reducing stress associated with last-minute coordination. Just make sure to include the following:. What a waste! Before moving into publishing, make sure each piece of content has a compelling headline.