How to create technical drawings of gears

A single sectional view will usually provide all necessary information.

how to create technical drawings of gears

Rick, I have tried to make several gears with the circle unit, but my compass and triangles are not up to the job. List the types of cam followers. I agree.

Gear Drawing

Draw a construction line to represent the centerline of the tooth. I could do your calculations for you if I have all the relevant information but I won't you should be able to take the information given and turn it into what you want - That's called understanding,.

how to create technical drawings of gears

You need to select a diameter that will suite the teeth spacing on the belt. Split Flap Display - Antique Remix. Auth with social network: Download SVG Gearset vector image: Bevel Gears.

How to create Spur and Helical Gears in SOLIDWORKS

Just to add this to these ideas. Cancel Download.

gear design spur gear design spur gear caculation how to design with nx expressions

The 34mm gear is an external toothed spur gear and the 54mm gear is an internal toothed spur gear. Download presentation.

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Gear design & drawing in SolidWorks

Each of these lines should be the length of the next string to its right, plus the arc length between them. Draw a cam profile, given a displacement profile drawing.

how to create technical drawings of gears

The distance from the shaft center to the arm is about 17mm. I hope it is ok. Also Check Out.

how to create technical drawings of gears

I need to calculate the number of teeth to make the teeth mate. Because the string is winding more tightly, the length of this line needs to be the original string line minus the length of the arc between them. Engineering Fictiv Process Video: Will be fun for the kids to turn it and find out the message: