How to double exposure holga camera

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Can't believe you were taking such well thought out shots after a few months. A curious soul from Elyu. Did you see the winning pictures of the Multiple Exposure Rumble? And so we want to thank these dedicated lomographers for filling up the community with wonderful images all throughout February. Anyway, rather than describe the benefits of each film, I found what I consider to be my best shots of each film speed.

Multiple Exposures for Beginners

Next Next post: If you are outdoors, you are most likely not going to change the lighting by taking a step back from your subject s. September 13, 2013 at 2: Make sure you have a good supply of film for your multiple exposure experiments. If your camera allows, stop down your exposures to keep images from overexposing. Notice that the picture is washed out and there is barely any contrast between the two images:.

how to double exposure holga camera

For example, doubles exposures taken with slide film that is then cross-processed can be amazing, but it is expensive and sometimes difficult finding a place that does cross-processing. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

how to double exposure holga camera

There are many other cameras and films fit for the job, but the alternatives may be more costly or difficult for beginners. Thank you for the information!! This allowed my first picture to have a lot of shadows. Go through your archives for that precious film photograph that you're most proud of.

Tips on creating double exposures

To avoid overexposure, you want to aim to take multiple underexposed shots. Kodak Ultramax 400. Good job. My favorite double exposure resulted from using a flash for both exposures when it was completely unnecessarily to add extra light:.

how to double exposure holga camera

To start, you may want to consider keeping on the exposures limited to simple images. Jus loaded a new film to try it all! Example of two simple exposures.

Secrets to a Great Multiple Exposure Revealed!

Thanks for the tipsters! The picture also seems a little too light. Get all you love about a Holga photograph in 35 mm with this plastic wonder. Does the aperture setting on my Holga 120 CFN actually work.