How to get ghoulish gold gorer mh4u

Critical Draw: Finally, Felyne Lander prevents the staggering animation when jumping off of a taller ledge.

how to get ghoulish gold gorer mh4u

I left these weapons unhoned, since I doubt it will noticeably affect the ease of obtaining mounts; charm running as a group minimizes single weapon hone effects further and as such you should spend your ZWGs elsewhere. Sneak is not a required skill, and you can easily gem in a higher Evasion instead.

Board 3.

Ghoulish Gold Gorer

Also, honing the glaive for defense is necessary in order to prevent yourself from getting 2-shotted. Sign up for free! Also, you can evade out of the encore to cancel the animation. The CB's already high affinity will be boosted further to take maximum advantage of another skill I have below, Status Crit.

how to get ghoulish gold gorer mh4u

This is a relatively difficult set to make, both the armor and the weapon. Rather than keeping with the Dokudomi template I did a full custom one, but Honed Blade was still kept for the sharpness boost into purple and attack buff Bio Researcher: You might be thinking of the Gold Gorer, the G rank version.

how to get ghoulish gold gorer mh4u

Notes This was a set designed to blend roles between status application and direct damage, and I think on that front it succeeds. The Seregios glaive's natural ability to sharpen itself mitigates this, and as such it is the one I prefer. Status Crit: Stamina shouldn't really be an issue with this type of weapon, so being affected by Waterblight and Iceblight aren't the end of the world. Eases the SQ conditions, since you have to complete two mounts to reliably break the Rath's back.

Most of the time this means running around with Normal S2, unless hunting a larger monster like Gravios or Chameleos then Normal S3 works better due to its fragmentation.

Grand Divine Ire Armor (Blademaster) (MH4U)

Careful usage around other hunters allows you to fire Normal Shot Lv2 ammunition on rapid, which is the best all around ammo to use with its great magazine size and the fact that you can bring 99 bullets with you to each hunt.

A nice side effect of the set in the way I have it configured is the 11 Fire res, which is handy fighting against the Rath and Gravios families. Essential for keeping yourself in Siege mode when monsters roar or go Apex, this ensures that you'll be able to exit out of Siege at your convenience rather than the monsters'.

These might also be useful to other Blademasters, and are all G-Rank.

MH4U - G3 Furious Rajang Quest SOLO 13:35"

Not to mention that the Garuga capes really help. Also, I was surprised since that was the first time Azure Rath parts have been included in a mixed armor set that I've made.