How to get guild emblem maplestory

RA gives 3313 total 1. But besides that i can see your point and it can never hurt to have some new fancy designs. I just had a thought, and I don't know if it's even possible, but maybe in the future we could get some new guild emblems? Mmm most guilds aka old guilds will stick to the emblem they used since the start.

Compared to bossing, it's slow.

Guild Emblem Simulator

Everything is still the same. Ms2-voice acting. They do not need to be at czak. Your support is greatly appreciated.

how to get guild emblem maplestory

I understand we have a wide variety of designs to pick from, but if I'm being honest, I don't even know what some of them are and it's hard to tell.

It said something along the lines of "You need your Guild to be level 2 or 150k guild points are required. Page Top Home 1 2 3.

how to get guild emblem maplestory

Tuesday tunes, dood. This is a good idea, good post. Twitter Facebook Replies: I was thinking and hoping that we could see some more cute, cool, and unique designs in the future.

Farming 150k Gp for Emblem Tips please

Czak gives 2,500 GP and I believe regular zak gives 1,000 if you're with another guild member. American Flag emblem please. Although i do think nexon should first focus on other priorities. They will get 2k instead of 2.

how to get guild emblem maplestory

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Guild Emblem Creator

They will still get GP, but make sure theyre in the same channel. Follow us on.

how to get guild emblem maplestory

Be careful what you ask for, it will add 10x lag to your game play. GP is actually harder to get. Also, just like how we can add in a ring effect for our IGN's, we could do the same as the guild.