How to install governor in kohler ch20

This is called "porting an engine. I followed these directions to a t and repeated them and the result was an engine accelerating out of control. The throttle bore "wall" is simply too thin. The only problem with Walbros if you want to use one on a pulling tractor or for high performance application is they can't be bored out or modified in any way because the throttle bore wall where the venturi is located is too thin.

Posted August 21, 2011 - 04: Troubleshooting Section 3.

how to install governor in kohler ch20

Enter text from picture: The venturi measures 1. By the way - the numbers on the carburetor mounting flange refers to part numbers.

During cool weather, and running at 3,200 rpm, the engine will sometimes run too lean on fuel and operate erratically.

Kohler Command 23 carburetor removal

And it'll be a good idea to place a small bead of weld on the flat lever to secure it to the shaft to prevent future breakage. So they did away with the old style Kohler carburetor and started using the redesigned emissions-controlled Walbro carburetor.

Rotate the nail counterclockwise until it will not turn any further. My question is about the regulating pin.

how to install governor in kohler ch20

To fix this, simply enlarge the hole in the main jet a few thousands of an inch. Kohler Govenor Adjustment Started by maddhorse , Aug 21, 2011 04: If it can be done, install a rebuilt Carter or Kohler carburetor instead. You currently have javascript disabled. And it doesn't matter how long or short the link is because the governor is adjusted by the clamp on the cross shaft.

A too big of a hole will cause an engine to run too rich on fuel, making it blow black smoke out the exhaust and possibly fouling the spark plug.

Kohler Govenor Adjustment

Optimized for 1024 x 768 screen resolution. The venturi measures. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Back to Mechanical Reference Library. It serves no purpose to lengthen or shorten it.

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This is undoubtedly how big business keep selling new carburetors nowadays. If there's no number embossed, you'll need to accurately measure the diameter of the throttle bore to determine the size carburetor you have. Locate your governor. Latest comments: A bored-out 26 carburetor will out-perform a stock non-bored 28 carburetor at high rpms.

how to install governor in kohler ch20