How to make jamaican plantain porridge

If so, how much?

Sweet Plantain Porridge

Plantain Porridge recipe: I still go for bread with porridge every now and then. Jamaican Recipe Main Directory: First Name Email address: This site uses cookies. Cookie Policy.

how to make jamaican plantain porridge

We are based in Ras Al Khaimah now and we can definitely arrange something once baby is a little older. This can be eaten for breakfast with fresh fruits or had as a lunch dessert.

How to cook a wicked Jamaican Plantain Porridge

I think my toddler feels that way about oatmeal from he was two — we Jamaican mamas are notorious for pushing too much of a good thing! She got so excited when she saw these green bananas at Spinneys supermarket last night.

how to make jamaican plantain porridge

My mom was expert at this. Put the plantains and water in a blender and pulse until chopped fine then blend to a smooth puree.

how to make jamaican plantain porridge

Post to Cancel. Once boil to, add the green plantain liquid.

how to make jamaican plantain porridge

Some people add a little flour to thicken the mixture more but I dislike flour in porridge. This cake is use for birthday cake.


I look forward to it and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful child! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You write and photograph like a dream.

how to make jamaican plantain porridge

Bring it to a low boil on medium-low and add sugar. I love the peek into Jamaican culture and family background, which is such a quintessential part of your blog.