How to reference images mhra data

Schunck, Eberhard, and others, Roof Construction Manual: However, if there is a question mark or an exclamation mark then this should be used instead.

MHRA referencing guide (Full): Images (photos, illustrations, diagrams, tables, etc.)

Issue Year , page range Emmerich, Steven J. This refers to Volume 3 Part 3 of a journal The volume number should be given in Arabic numerals even if the journal which you are citing prefers the use of Roman numerals e. Hitchcock, H.

how to reference images mhra data

Blackwell, 2006 , III pp. The University of Chicago Press, 2016 , pp.

how to reference images mhra data

In the MHRA Footnotes style, references are listed at the end of your work, and are organised alphabetically by the surname of the author. When you refer to a figure in the text, specify the figure number "in figure 10" rather than its location "below" and also provide a footnote.

how to reference images mhra data

If a post is a retweet, make sure to find the original post rather than reference the retweet Do not use shortened URLs from services such as bit. In the bibliography Director surname, forename, dir.

How to reference an image from the Internet

Reprinted with minor corrections 2015. Giambattista Tiepolo, The Banquet of Cleopatra , 1743-44, oil on canvas, 250. Atlas, print. Skip to content. Longman, 1997 , p. Tennyson wrote: Omissions If part of the quotation is omitted then this should be indicated using an ellipsis e. The first word after a colon should be capitalised Any detail of publication that is not included in the book, but can be determined should be included in square brackets e.

how to reference images mhra data

For Dictionary see Reference Works. Stuart, S. Gardener, J.

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Paraphrasing - Information prominent Analysis was facilitated by the availability of large financial statistics datasets International Financial Statistics 2008. Cambridge University Press , pp.

how to reference images mhra data

Journal Article - Print. Publisher of reprint, Year of reprint For more information about footnotes, referencing multiple authors, and creating a bibliography, see Citing in the text, footnotes and bibliography and click on the relevant section. Robson, G.