How to request government source inspection

The only date s they are required to honor is per FAR 52. Enhanced Content - Developer Tools. Some companies would be adversely affected by delays in payment and the current cycle time estimated as 45 days for paper invoices and 37 electronically could increase by 10 days or more. Air Travel 99 documents in the last year.

The rule should be amended to require the Government to inspect material no later than 30 days following receipt and that payment be made no later than 60 days regardless of inspection occurrence. I sensed our QAI was doing what was required of him, but was not happy about it. The change will result in increased costs to the Government receipt point. Hi CoronaMaching, I attended the same meeting with the same speaker. Enhanced Content - Document Tools.

how to request government source inspection

From what I gathered; 1. Broadband Policy 178 documents in the last year. The intent of the change is to alleviate Government contract quality assurance at source for those procurements that typically are limited to the assessments of kind, count, and condition.

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; Government Source Inspection Requirements

The revision does not preclude Government quality assurance representatives from providing assistance to contractors in support of Government contract interpretation as appropriate and facilitating corrections with the contracting office.

We advised our QAI that our contract states we are only required to ship on or before the required shipping date. A discussion of comments submitted by the other respondents is provided below:. Text of Provisions and Clauses Section 552. The terms in paragraph 3 iii , relating to manufacturers and producers, are sufficiently clear and do not require definition. As you can see, there are quite a few steps in the process to get a GSI completed, and it may take some time.

how to request government source inspection

Unique department and agency implementation activities are outside the scope of the case. Our concern in providing this schedule is we will be held accountable to these new dates.


DoD regulations and policy do not allow for acceptance prior to Government contract quality assurance activities.

Remember they are monitoring every request and if the inspectors do not respond, their Supervisor will hear about it.

how to request government source inspection

We had a good working relationship with the DCMA and so we explained why we couldn't give a date. There is no evidence to support the assertion. Printed version: Similar threads R.

how to request government source inspection

Thus, they are the customer. Inspection of supplies and services before transfer or acceptance is a key facet of the Department of Defense DoD quality assurance program.

The President of the United States communicates information on holidays, commemorations, special observances, trade, and policy through Proclamations. Enhanced Content - Table of Contents.