How to save games using winuae source

WinUAE - How to create a save game disk

Some games come on multiple disks, but only support one drive DF0. Everything other than exact multiplication create graphics artefact which are clearly visible for example in Wrokbench text. You will need to:.

how to save games using winuae source

This is the reason, why my last Freeze is in "Mission 20 - Phase 4" and not somewhere in Mission 23 or 24. First make sure your UAE configuration matches the game's requirements.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that they need to be renamed first.

how to save games using winuae source

By the way, this is the RTG resolution, which is not the same resolution that your games will run in — for more on that head to the game resolution and scaling section. Amiga Emulators. On the Amiga, folders are called drawers. Fortunately, unlike the ROMs which are still under copyright, the vast majority of Amiga games can be legally obtained for free on the internet as abandonware.

how to save games using winuae source

You will need to: Web Links. No idea, to be honest. Thanks very much Mark Like Like. And remember that you may need to adjust tweak options for individual games — not all developers made full use of the standard display area, whereas as a handful of others intentionally exploited the overscan region eg The Settlers.

If you are having issues, here are a few things you can try. But this may also increase cache flushes.

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The latest versions of Winuae will try to use buffers for sound to improve output and Just in Time instruction emulation for extra CPU speed, Chipset graphics is improving but 256 colours can be very slow due to the Amiga's bitmap system of using multiple layers. This guide may also be useful to people just looking for some general WinUAE tips and tricks. Thanks again Mark Like Like.

how to save games using winuae source

Is there a way to save Amiga window drawer screen sizes so that they stay the same when re-opened another time? Extract and copy to your shared drive, then copy over to MyFiles and run from there.