How to set border radius in photoshop

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how to set border radius in photoshop

You can increase this corner radius value to get more circular round corners of the image. Press the Delete key on your keyboard, you will then delete the selected area from the image layer and only the unselected rounded rectangle portion remains.

These three icons determine how our Shape tool will work.

how to set border radius in photoshop

To create a new rounded rectangle in Photoshop CC, select the Rounded Rectangle Tool located under the Rectangle Tool , and use the settings in the Options bar to chose a fill, stroke, and corner radius. Select source folder. Very easily, especially when we use a vector mask!

how to set border radius in photoshop

There is some corner property you may want to edit, the Radius which you can find from the top right corner. Using layers should be able to help you get rounded corners despite of the version of Photoshop you are working with.

Photoshop CS6 - Create Rounded Corners in Photo

Here' after applying my stroke to create my photo border, is my final result:. I usually start with a value of somewhere between 10-20 pixels, then drag out my shape and decide if I like the corners.

how to set border radius in photoshop

Instead, it now says "Add vector mask" , and as soon as we click on the icon, if we look at the layer in the Layers palette, we get what appears to be a second layer mask thumbnail to the right of the first one.

You can then press on the Shift key on your keyboard when you draw on the new layer with Ellipse Tool, this will help you draw a round shape. You can also click and drag on each corner icon in the panel to adjust the values. That's also why you've gotten a few answers that all produce different results.

Although different versions of Photoshop may have different tools and features to help you do the same thing. In fact, it doesn't even have to be a complete circle. How to password protect directories and files on your site from cPanel?

Also note that you can set different radius values for each corner in the dialog box.

Edit rounded rectangles

If you have "Show Tool Tips" enabled in your Photoshop Preferences, you may already have noticed something a little different when you hovered your mouse over the icon. I used Save for web...

how to set border radius in photoshop

Choose Rounded Rectangle Tool from there, you will then see the properties and options for Rounded Rectangle Tool at the top.