How to start a honda cr250 elsinore

A new, stiffer frame came in 1995. When they summoned the courage to present the project to the president, he begrudgingly approved.

No one liked the fork at first, but they got used to it, and suspension shops had a field day.

1973 Honda CR250M 'Elsinore' Motorcycle

Prev Next. In 1972, the Japanese were little more than a sideshow curiosity. The first 125 Elsinore. In an era where most production machines were heavy, fragile and finished like farm equipment, the impeccably detailed Elsinore was a revelation.

The Honda 125 got the aluminum frame that the 250 received a year earlier. In 1967, Suzuki already had a production motocross bike, and Yamaha would soon follow. The Honda CR125M was the beginning of the end for all three of those makes.

Motocross bikes lead a hard life. With Honda Motors Corp.

The Bike That Got Away: 1978 Honda CR250 Elsinore

At 62 pounds, the 70 x 64. We imagined that we were all factory racers talent be damned! Everything about the Honda was new, and, this time around, it worked well right out of the gate. One of the few weak links on the original Elsinore was its mediocre brakes. From the start, it was plainly evident that their highly stressed thumper was not going to be competitive with the much lighter and faster two-stroke race bikes.

how to start a honda cr250 elsinore

Same goes for the suspension; a 2002 Honda 125 can be made to handle as well as any modern motorcycle. The mid to late '70s were a great time to be involved with motocross.

VINTAGE MOTO MONDAY: 1973 Honda CR250M Elsinore

Honda himself on the merits of going forward with the two-stroke project. This helped in all phases of its performance, from acceleration to handling.

how to start a honda cr250 elsinore

The Honda motor had finally fallen from its throne. Even more incredibly, it was a machine that nearly never existed.

GP’s Classic Steel #84 1973 Honda CR250M Elsinore

The chassis was excellent, and the bike was perfectly reliable. It was the right bike, at the right time, and it took off like a rocket in the showrooms.

how to start a honda cr250 elsinore

Keihin Horsepower: The CR125M was considered great raw material for spectacular custom bikes. The truth is, the CR125 will be around for a long time to come.