How to strip brass lacquer

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how to strip brass lacquer

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If any lacquer does not wash away in the rinse, wipe away the remainder with a clean cloth or cotton swabs. This includes heavy gloves for your hands, safety goggles for your face, and an up-to-date extinguisher. But this is truly terrible stuff for people: This is best done while running the item under water, as a dry piece of brass may not release its lacquer easily. The most powerful and universal stripper for organic coatings like clearcoats -- and which should not harm any metals -- is aircraft stripper methylene chloride.

How To Remove Lacquer From Brass Fixtures

Once you have combined your mixture, place it over heat and bring it to a roiling boil. Nothing works. Lower your brass into the boiling solution carefully, using tongs or tweezers to minimize the risk of burns. I've been looking for answers to the same question. Privacy Policy.

Removing your brass pieces from the bowl with tongs, run them under room temperature water to cool the metal and strip away the lacquer. Did you try these steps? Be careful; caustic soda is not sulfuric acid, in fact it's just about the farthest thing from it. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

how to strip brass lacquer

Boil for 15 minutes. Using long, sweeping strokes, apply the varnish remover. A clear, protective lacquer coating is often applied to copper and brass tea kettles and other kitchen utensils, to retard or prevent tarnishing.

How to Remove Lacquer from Brass

The baking soda should have dissolved by this point. Cleaning Brass Print Edit Send fan mail to authors.

how to strip brass lacquer

Place a deep glass or metal container onto a non-combustible surface. Join our Email List. Wear good rubber gloves and eye protection. Hi Dana.

how to strip brass lacquer