Jodeci what about us acapella app

jodeci what about us acapella app

Shayne McCory says 1 year ago. The majority of male singers out now aren't fit to sing their background vocals. This is a song that a lot us are probably familiar with, seeing as it's been on Static's myspace for a while now.

K3lli Kell says 1 year ago. Weekend Featuring Playa 3: Latoya Stewart says 1 year ago.

jodeci what about us acapella app

That singing tho! Liz Richardson says 1 year ago. We also got Playa songs on it.

jodeci what about us acapella app

Yep this is hard to find stuff, i heard it when it came out, then i had a bad quality version about 10 years ago, my Stingy ripped it from the tape single lately, gotta ask him about sharing a download link tho. Jello K.

Love U 4 Life

Great song tho. Post a Comment. Prev Next. Hip Hot Hip Hop.

Rashad Lyons says 1 year ago. Sebastian May 7, 2010 at 6: Dalvin Static Music. Labels Jodeci Mr. By Hot97 Last updated Dec 15, 2017. Stay Laced Featuring Lil Flip 4: TGE'Z says 1 year ago.

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Static Suppertime Mixtape Vol. Stay tune, we can still surprise you with things from the past! Here is the interview we did with Play from the duo Play N Skillz The grammy award winning artist gives us some info about Static as an artist as well as what they are working on currently.

jodeci what about us acapella app

Welshy King says 1 year ago. Adam Taylor says 1 year ago.