Jump start high idle when cold

Oct 2012 Location: The following BHPian Thanks paragsachania for this useful post: Originally Posted by Jag4 I couldn't go to the service centre again but I talked to a mechanic who said suggested using an injector cleaning additive.

Q: My engine idle is high when I start my car

It is necessary for cold start up. Before the EPA that would have been called "less than half an engine". Repair manuals and support for 4-wheeled passenger and cargo vehicles.

jump start high idle when cold

With the car idling you should show 13-14 volts at the battery, also you might show 12 volts with the engine off but once you try to start it might drop big time. It went to 1800 revs and immediately started back down. It did the same dead battery clicking When I jump started it the engine turned right over.

Does revving the engine help jump starting?

Your car's fluids include: Does it make this noise after every oil change or just after one in particular? I would like to hear other opinions on why the engine ran so eratically?

Does the engine sense the lack of battery charge and rev up to compensate i. Chattavegas Posts: Originally Posted by 2tofour You are correct, as it does start falling right away.

jump start high idle when cold

Originally Posted by SAJEESH The reason why I was worried is because I had read on the internet that revving a cold engine is not good as in this condition, the oil would not have fully circulated inside the car's engine providing full protection to all its vital components. The extra energy of the jump start may thrown off the timing and fuel delivery settings resulting in the eratic high idling. Originally Posted by Seba. Originally Posted by Jim Boemler.

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jump start high idle when cold