Sims 3 where to find community objects

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I now only need to finish placing trees lots and lots of them , name all the streets or rather the building in the street and add the.

Quick Reply Print version Search this Thread. After you have made your choice you can start creating your town. Most people think you need an expensive program such as Photoshop the convert your.

sims 3 where to find community objects

I know it has to be done in the game, but all I see in the community lots is the Spa, Consignment Store, and lounges and stuff like that. Remember Me? Registered members do not see ads on this Forum.

sims 3 where to find community objects

On the official website there are two guides available, those will tell you how to export your world to the game and how to load it. The biggest problem is the lack of good manual. EA offers a walkthrough and a manual on their website but after reading both it lacks in details.

Forum:How can I get community lot objects on my residential lot?

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sims 3 where to find community objects

After that you lay your roads and lots, both commercial and residential snap to grid is your friend during this process. Hope this helps.

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sims 3 where to find community objects

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