Star trek movie who is nero

star trek movie who is nero

This volume along with Star Trek: So, that's cool. And how he was missing half of an ear, yikes! The re-set button pusher.

Ragardless, Nero appears to be an ominous villian…based on this one pic.

star trek movie who is nero

I was off-planet, doing my job while your Federation did nothing , and allowed my people to burn while their planet broke in half. Kelvin, go for Starfleet Base.

Kurtzman Answers The Question – What Is Up With Nero’s Ear?

According to the series, Nero was initially in league with Spock, and attempted to help him stop the supernova threatening Romulus. This is not your father's "Star Trek". Oct 20, 2011 Dovile rated it really liked it Shelves: My husband purchased Nero 1 and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Star Trek 2009 Spock, Kirk and Nero

An explanation is also given for the tattoos on Nero and his crew:. Star Trek. The Search for Spock 1984. Enlarge cover. Any chance of making this a Miniseris for Tv. Additionally Nero states that the annihilation of the Federation would allow the Narada crew to return to Romulus as warriors rather than simple miners.

TrekInk: Exclusive Preview of Star Trek Nero #2

In reading the reviews of the Star Trek tie-ins, many people seem to believe this is the least necessary of the three, but I disagree. Trailers and Videos. If one can accept hundreds of humanoid cultures in the Trek realm, than a simple 4-letter name should be no problem.

Nero , the follow up to Star Trek: Since this was the one book I was least expecting to enjoy, it was a very nice surprise! Jul 25, 2016 Ed rated it liked it. They stood no chance against the advanced Narada , however, and Nero easily and quickly destroyed them all.

Nice "fill in the blanks" story explaining just what Nero was up to during the 25 years between his arrival in the new Trek universe and his encounter with Kirk and the gang. Load More Comments. The story is surprisingly fun and a great addition to the movie, especially due to the fact that it explains what leads to Nero's blind hatred and his wanting revenge on Vulcan and on Spock.

star trek movie who is nero

He captured Spock's ship, which still had an entire compartment full of red matter. From metacritic.