The best doctor who assistant ace

And then when she did get back, she was back on board the Tardis the following season anyway. Jan 5, 2015. Game of Thrones: Jenny Georgia Moffett. The only thing bigger than Donna'a gob was her heart. An email has been sent with instructions for resetting your password.

When she stowed away on an airship, she got her wish and would have died if the Doctor had not saved her, causing a temporal paradox in the process.

the best doctor who assistant ace

Which left her eventual fate, her memories of their time together wiped, all the more tragic. Only 18 years of age when she joined the Doctor, Charley was no shrinking violet and wore her heart on her sleeve. Taking over as script editor in 1986, Andrew set about his task of assembling a team of writers capable of reinvigorating the ailing sci-fi giant, with Ace gradually evolving into an integral part of this plan. That chemistry seeped behind the scenes as well - actress Lalla Ward and Tom Baker were briefly married.

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Share On more Share On more More. With the show returning to TV screens 16 years after the last full series had ended, Rose was the viewpoint character for the audience, desperate to discover who this strange man was and whether he was an alien or just a madman.

the best doctor who assistant ace

Sign In. But Rory took it rather well, and eventually became a full-time member of the Tardis team.

You'll never believe what Doctor Who companion Ace looks like now…

And who knew that Billie Piper would be so good at the acting? Had the youngster really been nothing more than a pawn, in a centuries-old game between Fenric and the Time Lord?

the best doctor who assistant ace

This is a two-for-the-price-of-one moment. So he was pretty cool really. When your fiance runs off to go time-travelling on the night before you're wedding, that's never going to be a great day.

the best doctor who assistant ace

Warrior Princess proud, Ace becomes emotionally linked to Karra, one of the female felines. Although very little of her evolution had been formulated at this point, the first seeds of parental issues were sown, and from just the briefest of moments alone in the TARDIS, the potential for the dynamite combination of the 7 th Doctor and Ace is clearly evident.