What are after market diamonds

aftermarket diamonds?

It's like sewing rhinestones onto an Armani suit. Remember Me? So very beautiful two different types of dials.

what are after market diamonds

Find More Posts by Jagatai. How's that for a tortured analogy? Jul 2011 Real Name: Oct 2009 Real Name: The Market Demand of the diamond?

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We are comparing the one on the left which has the original factory diamond dial and bezel, with the one on the right which has an after market custom diamond dial and bezel. Arizona, USA Watch: Should I iron them on first or does it matter?

what are after market diamonds

As a result, the price of the watch would be lower than if it had an original Rolex diamond bezel. I might go with a stick markers dial they are very classic.

After market and Rolex are not a good match in my book On ladies watches just a diamond bezel is ok but nothing on the dial unless factory.

what are after market diamonds

New York Watch: I'd worry about the warranty, and the quality of the replacement dial. Show Ignored Content. NorCal Posts: Especially diamonds.

Canada Watch: