What do the cowboys away jerseys

Here’s the real reason behind the Dallas Cowboys’ mismatched uniform colors

It featured the navy body with white shoulders. McCord said the team is going to wear its navy jerseys at home more often, adding a game or two in that regard each season.

what do the cowboys away jerseys

Louis in Week 3, marking the first time since 2005 that they wore the blue jerseys in consecutive weeks. They're among just a few teams that opt to wear white jerseys at home, saving their navy outfits mostly for road games.

Up next:. One uniform the Cowboys have essentially done away with is the throwback Thanksgiving set. Brady with Kraft on day he's charged The Patriots quarterback is definitely supporting his boss.

what do the cowboys away jerseys

There was an error processing your subscription. Dallas is one of the only teams in the league to primarily wear white on its home turf, which raises a lot of questions. Totally two different materials and colors.

Nope, Cowboys won't be wearing their navy blue uniforms at home more often

Strangely enough, they wear that combination at home. However, the Cowboys can't wear that combo anymore because of a rule the NFL implemented last year that stipulates that teams can only wear one helmet this season, so the Cowboys weren't allowed to switch from their standard silver helmets to the white helmets for Thanksgiving.

what do the cowboys away jerseys

He's believed to be one of only three people in the world who thinks that Andy Dalton will... On the road, the Cowboys wear a different color silver. So we had dye lots. This Topic is Missing Your Voice. I wish the Cowboys can wear the jersey and the helmet on thanksgiving.

what do the cowboys away jerseys

What you see on TV is almost an exact representation of what the Cowboys are wearing on the field. That combo features a blue jersey with white shoulders and a white helmet. Create an Account or login First Name.

Cowboys wearing blue jerseys at home for only second time ever

If the Cowboys wore blue uniforms at home and the road team was wearing white, then the combination on the field would always be blue and white. It looks like the Cowboys have a new Thanksgiving tradition. Cowboys wearing blue jerseys at home for only second time ever The Cowboys are wearing their all-blue jersey tops for only the second time ever at home. McCord believes one day the NFL may allow a secondary helmet, which would pave the way for many teams to go back to iconic uniforms from years past.

what do the cowboys away jerseys

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