What does flow mean in dance

These people develop skills that help them get into the flow state frequently, skills like curiosity, interest in life, persistence and low self-centredness.

what does flow mean in dance

In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does. It defines a compositional structure in which one same choreographic fragment is executed by several dancers who space it out in time usually with regular intervals.

what does flow mean in dance

People feel very open and creative, their mind is working very fast to do all sorts of things and interpret the music, etc. Intellectual Property and the Flow Arts, Part 1.

Dance Glossary

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what does flow mean in dance

Where ever I researched about flow I came across with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, esteemed professor of psychology, who spent his lifetime studying and defining flow as well as happiness, creativity and positive psychology. This last task is made by technicians or electrical engineers.

what does flow mean in dance

If other people's presence can take your attention away then shut yourself in a private space. Some of its French figures are D.

The 'score' may also refer to the series of guidelines created by a choreographer that are followed by the dancers to perform a show.

what does flow mean in dance

In an interview by Wired he continues to describe the flow: In 2002, when she finally found the community of spinners in Toronto she gained a sense of connection, which driven her to foster community ever since.

Some browsers need this action to show the updated contents of the pages they have visited previously. Some people have used the words "breathing the same air" to characterize this. It usually demands the audience participation and tends to modify its perception of the environment.

Definitions of Flow

Thus Roma Gypsy people very often find flow in raising children or grandchildren, which is not a common pattern elsewhere. Nov 27, 2015. Although many characteristics are shared e. Download and print 32 dance terms appropriate for primary students PDF format: Technical skills: Examples of dance improvisation guidelines are: Within the kinesphere, levels are combined with the 9 basic directions and refer to the orientation towards which movement is executed.

Two types of Flow in social dancing – The Creative Flow & The Symbiotic Flow

Examples include walk: Join 374 other followers Follow. Even activities that are morally good or neutral, like mountain climbing, chess or Playstation, can become addictive, so much so that life without them can feel static, boring and meaningless. Some people also use this word to talk about movements of the body or limbs that express or emphasize ideas, feelings or attitudes, in opposition to what would be a movement, considered only in an abstract way.