What is extended gamut printing

Understanding the Alphabet Soup of Expanded Gamut Printing

Discussion By Gordon Pritchard on Nov 14, 2017 The Fort Dearborn Company has been printing hundreds of thousands of labels for at least 10 years now https: Testimonial Our goal was to limit press downtime caused by color changes. NetProfiler monitors your instruments, ensures calibration, and provides history and performance reporting.

By Timothy Baechle on Nov 15, 2017 XCMYK has been well received globally, especially among printers wanting more vibrant colors in graphically driven printed collateral. Free Webinar The business impact of fixed palette printing demystified Watch the webinar now.

5 Tools You Need to Print Extended Gamut

Sign in My Account Forgot your password? They can also align multiple print facilities and join components of a larger project much more effectively than working from multiple physical standards.

Print brand colors accurately with a fixed set of inks

Join the thousands of printing executives who are already part of the WhatTheyThink Community. Comprehensive reporting capabilities help press operators monitor how the press is running, identify production issues and apply corrective actions, and see real-time results during the run.

Equinox standardizes your printing presses on a set of inks of your choice. Choose your gamut Equinox allows you to convert spot colors to CMYK as well as having the option of expanded gamut printing.

what is extended gamut printing

What is extended gamut printing? The ColorCert interface is very easy to use, especially when combined with X-Rite eXact Scan, and presents all the necessary information to make sure the extended color gamut process is successful. Integrated solutions for: Adding these commonly used inks "extends" the attainable color gamut significantly.

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Home Products Equinox Limit press downtime: There are two ways of doing this: NetProfiler ensures you can maintain the tightest correlation between all of your instruments. Save time and money with closer matches to spot colors that are more consistently achievable.

what is extended gamut printing

Its cordless operation and innovative color touch screen make it very easy for printers and packaging converters to understand, control, manage, and communicate color from anywhere on the pressroom floor. Implementation of Expanded Gamut at the converter requires a good tool set and Equinox is the ideal solution.

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what is extended gamut printing

This can be paired with X-Rite ColorCert for measuring control strips in flexo and gravure production or with X-Rite eXact InkKeyControl to provide key-by-key ink control for smaller presses. Is the eXact Xp right for you? Contact Us. Workflows for: