Whatever happened to bryan white youtube

If the time comes when they can go out and travel together, they would be happy about that. Privacy Policy. He has since worked to aid a host of causes, and has received the 1997 Entertainment Radio Networks' Humanitarian Award.

whatever happened to bryan white youtube

All confidence in my voice was lost. Unlike most artists, success came very fast and in great measure. The media noted the true hysteria that consistently greeted such performances, and Bryan was soon the subject of major profiles in fan magazines like Teen , Tiger Beat , and 16.

whatever happened to bryan white youtube

He was named one of the Top 20 coolest bachelors on E! God has since placed Bryan in a church family to teach and encourage him in the way of the Lord. Because I had no proper foundation, I let what people said affect me very deeply as well. I began to plummet into a deep depression and became a recluse. When their lives went in every direction, Bryan says they prayed for a more normal functioning home life.

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I am so grateful to know the One and Only God of the universe. Much of the influx of young fans and youth-oriented media to country music during the mid-'90s can be credited to Bryan.

whatever happened to bryan white youtube

Erika has turned down acting offers, and both are concentrating on their family life. Right now he says that he is at a point of transition and is grateful for it.

What Ever Happened to Country Music Star Bryan White? [VIDEO]

But right now they love being home. Are you facing a difficult situation? Bryan says his new song, "The Little Things," is dedicated to his beautiful wife, Erika, who formerly acted on the daytime show One Life to Live.

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Immediately after high school, he moved from Oklahoma to Nashville to pursue a music career. Terms of Service. But today he is thankful for it. They have a 9-month-old son, Justin, and enjoy very much just having time together at home.