Who we become documentary 2016

Interactive documentary – what does it mean and why does it matter?

Angdu Padma... Crazy Credits. Modern agriculture is big business, and has a lot of influence over governments, corporations…and even charities and environmental organisations. If you are interested in tiny houses, Small is Beautiful is also worth viewing.

who we become documentary 2016

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Although the political conflict between China and Tibet plays a part, Moon Chang-Yong and Jin Jeon's documentary Becoming Who I Was is not a film about the oppression of a minority but about the universal bonds of devotion and sacrifice, a connection that transcends country and religion.

What really makes the documentary is the other stories — the people who have chosen to live in these homes, what led them to make these choices and how they feel their lives have changed as a result.

My Top Ten Documentaries To Get You Thinking (and Questioning)

Produced in partnership with the Bronx Documentary Center, " Who we become " focuses on Jace, a transgender man who flees his native Texas for New York where he begins the gender confirmation process. Here it is: It questions why we throw so much food away, and what the environmental, social and other impacts are on the failures of our food system.

Official Sites. It explores the issues of materialism and overconsumption; the power of the big retailers and advertising; the health impacts suffered by workers and the environmental devastation that happens worldwide. And some of the interview subjects provide enlightening context.

who we become documentary 2016

IMDb More. Documentary War. Bryan Carberry, Clay Tweel, Alexander Yellen Finders Keepers can boast of having one of the better single-sentence synopses of recent memory when it comes to documentaries: You can watch the Small is Beautiful trailer here. Get Updates Optional email code.

The 50 Best Documentaries on Netflix

Gandii Baat. Martin Luther King Jr.

who we become documentary 2016

This quote is very relevant, as it offers a good way to frame the discussions that occurred at i-Docs 2016 around the Tools for Thought strand, particularly on Day 1.

Instead of putting the films in theaters and offering the DVD for individual sale, we believe that watching this film should be an event that actively brings a community together and facilitates the conversation about what it means to live a happier and more connected life.

who we become documentary 2016

Under the Sun Year: Chasing Coral is not intended to be an artwork, though elements of it are artful enough. I Called Him Morgan Year: Armed with their testimony, Genovese plunges deeper into the now-hazy logistics of the story, even tracing its origins to The New York Times.