Yamaha rn500 vs onkyo 8050 what hi-fi

But it does have a Ethernet connection for Internet access.

Onkyo Introduces Networked Receiver

Aug 25, 2014 at 9: The Onkyo is more clinical sounding with more treble and perceived detail. If you have music stored on laptops and smartphones, it will play it. And, Streaming can always be added later, but the overall cost is going to be considerable higher. Brian Mitchell October 14, 2013. Deals Loading, please wait...

The sonic performance is strong: I want to control it with and ipad or android power, input, volume and don't need any controls and display on the front. Share This Page Tweet.

yamaha rn500 vs onkyo 8050 what hi-fi

Very impressed by that unit and only replaced it for another Onkyo that had Master Audio. It just needs to sound nice and work well and I think a Yamaha receiver is likely to do both. What's better with the naim? There are two sets of speaker terminals if you want to drive speakers in a different room and a 6. Is there any better alternative?

Onkyo TX-8150 review

If you are on a rock bottom budget, you could start with a Bluetooth Link between the computer and the Stereo, until such time as you could expand the system. I spend a fair amount of time out on my deck and frequently have friends over for a weekend BBQ.

yamaha rn500 vs onkyo 8050 what hi-fi

Accept Learn More... The only letdown is the moving-magnet phono stage.

yamaha rn500 vs onkyo 8050 what hi-fi

NaimUniti range? Forgot your password?

Yamaha or Onkyo????

It offers optical and analog audio out, and Airplay allows you to stream whatever you need. Thread Tools.

yamaha rn500 vs onkyo 8050 what hi-fi

I know it sounds like I've answered my own questions here, but I can't see why my logic is flawed.