Axe learn how to clean your balls

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Who Knew Ball-Washing Could Be So Funny?

I've also seen it--I'm pretty sure I was watching Comedy Central at the time. We knew that to get guys to use the Axe Detailer, we needed to let them know that Axe Shower Gel and the Axe Detailer will give them the ultimate clean.

Real in that I saw it on Cable TV not long ago a shorter version, of course, that ended at the African-American ball-sack. I think you have that backwards.

axe learn how to clean your balls

Find all posts by Jenn. It could have been made up by some random person clearly not the case here , a mock-up from and advertising agency hoping to win Axe's business, or a spoof for something like Funny or Die.

axe learn how to clean your balls

Originally Posted by GenYus234. Email required Address never made public. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jon Randazzo Copywriter: That seems like it's beyond the capabilities of a random person and too expensive for a mock-up.

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AXE “Cleans all types of Balls”

Singing in the Drizzle. A Turtle Named Mack. AXE "Wash your balls" commercial. Join 1,833 other followers Sign me up! Ryda to serve. Love -15.

axe learn how to clean your balls

Its a real commercial, it airs pretty regularly on comedy central online there are a few 'versions' of it which are all this commercial but cut down depending on how long they have allotted most of them start after the two women are at the counter and end after the taller woman fondles the golf balls.

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Clean Your Balls With The ‘Axe Detailer’ – Too Hot For TV Spot [VIDEO]

If you are already spoken for, then it is rude to taunt Ryda with your package. Ignoring the double entendre, a bar of dry soap isn't going to clean anything. Il Volo Sanremo2019 https: