Baby due soon what do i need

Diabetes; High blood pressure; Blood clotting disorders; Problems with the placenta or bleeding; Overweight or underweight; Short time between pregnancies; Late or no prenatal care; Smoking, drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs; and Stress. Even at five-months-old I still use my notebook to write down his feeding schedule, otherwise I would forget when he last ate and from what side he ended on.

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I had planned to do my nails but never got around to it, thinking that I still had time. So about a month before my due date I went and rented a Rug Doctor machine and cleaned our carpets. Preschool and twins. Everything else baby-related that we needed we decided we could just use what we had from our son.

baby due soon what do i need

Raising twins. View Sources.

baby due soon what do i need

My camera takes really nice pictures, and it was nice to be able to have my phone as a backup instead just in case. The Three Phases of Labor. Of course this also means that every time we go somewhere and he has a snack, my bag inevitably gets full of crumbs, wrappers, and other random little pieces of trash.

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Scheduling Early Delivery of Your Baby

The folder is really handy because you get a lot of paperwork at the hospital and instead of shoving it all in your bag, you can nicely store it in your folder and keep it organized so that when you get home you know exactly where to look for that handout on immunizations.

If you have previously had a very difficult delivery with a single baby, you may be advised to have a caesarean section with twins.

baby due soon what do i need

Carrying an infant the full 39 weeks has important health benefits for the baby and the mother. I took a notebook and filled up multiple pages with things like how to give baby a bath, how to care for a circumcision, breastfeeding tips, how to swaddle baby, and how to change a diaper somehow I made it through life without changing a single diaper until Little J was born.

I had my bags packed and sitting by the front door a month before my due date.

17 Things to Do Before Your Second Baby is Born

Make Sure Things Work. So be patient! Going to go look at birth announcements now!! For more information: Questions or comments: It's common to feel contractions throughout the course of your pregnancy , but when they come on stronger and don't go away, it's time to pay attention, as Parents magazine suggested.

I own a 3D sonography studio in Baltimore, MD and will be sure to share this list! Sure you want to stay busy making meals and getting baby stuff put away but i would like to add: