Dang flabbit wheres my rabbit had babies

Good morning, my loving, beautiful family. Last time she wore it, you said that if you polished a table with it, the table would punch you in the face. Would you marry me, Karen? He took my money" What are you trying to say, bunnies can't be trusted?

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I'm thinking it's time to tell my daddy the truth. The message? Got to tell Dad! Dude, I cannot believe the buzz on this party! Sweet niblets. Who's talking?

Dang flabbit wheres my rabbit is shedding

Got to tell Jackson, what are you doing? I mean, maybe he'll think about it, realise that it's horrible, and then fix it before he shows it to you. I know, but if I fall asleep at home, I'm not going to be able to stop myself from telling Daddy the truth. This is still about your party, right? Dad, this isn't funny. There sure is.

Hannah Montana s02e11 Episode Script

I'm still awake, and you're still an idiot. Nothing wrong with that, just keep on thinking! Awake or asleep, I'm still telling Dad the truth. Well, there's not much to know about me: Miley, stop! And you are still not invited! I mean, you might as well tattoo "I'm really Miley Stewart" on my forehead. What did you say? He's right under here!