Diablo 3 how to socket items

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The item can potentially have a socket i. Adeese Adeese 13. Socketing is the act of placing socketable items see above in the item. But I will have to look out for an ancient version then.

diablo 3 how to socket items

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Pumped so much time and gold and resources into it and still nothing.

How do I add sockets to an item? Guys, thank you very much for all the work you're putting in, giving me a lot to look into. Once the item is socketed, it may be unsocketed i.

diablo 3 how to socket items

Log in to join the conversation. It can be very expensive in a variety of ways. I'm up to Greater Rift 52 and Torment level 11 and never seen one yet. Its all about grinding really. It's unlikely that is the best weapon for you, so just play and better will drop.

Ramaladni's Gift can be used to grant a Socket to a weapon that does not have one. Diablo III: It's a huge help! Wow all that time, money and effort wasted. Thats the only time I've seen a socket appear. Well the gaming gods have been kind and today I've picked up 3 Ramaladni gift's so far so its been a goo day.

diablo 3 how to socket items

Having socket s counts as one affix for an item always one property, regardless of the number of gems. Just make sure you are rolling a stat that has a socket as an outcome. So choosing cold resistance to be replaced like I did wont get me a socket then?