Endian firewall configuration files where

Disk Usage - Displays the output of df , which reports the amount of total Size , used and free disk space on your Endian Firewall. Select this if your RED interface is a simple ethernet card and you need to setup network information like IP address, Netmask and so on manually.

In order to change the source IP address to the respective alias IP. Click on this check box to tell the DHCP server to hand out this static lease. Which topic are you interested in? Registered for - Displays the name of the responsable person or organisation for which this system has been registered.

Setting Up an Open Source Server, Firewall and Router on Endian, Part 1

Here you need to select the type of modem you are using. If you decide to proceed the configuration will be stored and Endian Firewall will reconfigure it's interfaces.

This drop down list allows you to choose which protocol this rule will follow. You automatically have this zone unless you selected NONE on the dialogue before.

Create a list of services and priorities using the Add service portion of the web page. Note that this IP address has to be in the RED subnet, otherwise the configuration wizard will report an error. The purple color identifies interfaces which belongs to a VPN. Click the button OK, apply configuration to go ahead. For example if you use 192.

endian firewall configuration files where

These listed users will be blocked for web access. The username cannot be modified.

endian firewall configuration files where

The SSH option is disabled by default and we would advise enabling it only as needed and then disabling it afterwards. Advanced Antivirus Module - Endian Firewall 1. This enables the HTTP x-forwarded-for header field.

All domains must be entered with a leading dot:. If I have only one interface of network, I can't close the configuration of network, as I need one interface for green zone and other interface for red zone.

This one is needed to allow communication with the machine itself without leaving any real network card. In other words, use this to force objects to never be cached.

endian firewall configuration files where

The services, above, are only examples of the potential Traffic Shaping configuration. Powered by SMF 1. DENY - Silently blocks the traffic which applies to the rule. The credentials of the currently logged in user will automatically be used for authentication. For this I need a virtual interface, as only I have a one interface of network.